Exercising Beyond Calories

Exercising is not just about burning calories. Engaging in regular exercise activities not only improves your overall health, but can also be beneficial to your mental well-being and overall happiness.

In the subpages of this section, I will be discussing different forms of exercise, as well as giving my personal opinion and tips for when exercising.



In this subpage, I talk about the benefits of different forms of cardio, when to perform it, and how much of it to engage in.

Strength Training

In this subpage, I discuss different exercises involved in strength training, their overall benefits, and the optimal training volume


Motivate Yourself

In this subpage, I discuss the strategies different people use to motivate themselves to maintain a regular training habit.

Fitness Myth Busters

In this subpage, I debunk common misconceptions about exercising and fitness, and explain why they are incorrect.

Confused young strong sporty fitness man